Using Greenery Throughout Your Cottage Home During the Holidays

Using Greenery Throughout Your Cottage Home During the Holidays

If you've been following my blog posts & Instagram so far this holiday decorating season- you know I'm doing a Scandinavian style Christmas throughout our home this year. In my last blog post, I talked about ways to bring the Scandinavian style to your home & what it's truly about... bringing the outdoors in. You can read more on that blog post & see my Scandinavian inspired mantel (here). Part of the Scandinavian Christmas style is using greenery throughout your home... but not so much that it's overbearing- adding slight touches of greenery to your existing décor is an easy way to bring a bit of the outdoors in for that true Scandinavian Christmas vibe. I love using the real touch greenery you can find more links & info on what I use to decorate our home (here) - they are selling out fast, so if you see them in stock- I highly recommend purchasing now as they will sell out & I am not sure if/when they will be restocking.

Garland is a great way to add touches of Christmas to your home. I love accenting with bell garland- it is such a classic look that looks beautiful together. I also love collecting & decorating with rocking horses during the holidays. I found this one on Etsy last year- I love the dark brass color of it. I talk a lot about your décor flowing for a seamless look- as you can see the rocking horse & bells are a similar color along with the vintage suitcases & other little accents. Stacking rattan & wicker baskets is such an easy way to use items you already have in your décor throughout each season. I love how they are also easily accessible when I need them.

It really is such a cozy, woodsy feel- like I said, a Scandinavian Christmas is all about bringing the outdoors in & using elements from nature in your decor. 

If you've read some of my past blog posts over the seasons, you will see that I have a lot of the same everyday décor- I just use them in a different way every season. This is why I love collecting timeless pieces of décor- they are so versatile & a simple switch up in where it's placed can create a whole new look for your piece.

I love decorating our open shelving each season. I have had the same plates & bowls for years. Over the years though, a few have been broken (it happens!)- I love checking out my local Goodwill to see what plates & bowls they have for sale. I usually can always find the white/cream plates & bowls- I love mix matching these- it's an easy way to look like you've been collecting for years & gives off a true vintage, antique aesthetic vibe. 

Little accents of greenery with cream colored bottle brush trees will always be a classic look. Bottle brush trees are so beautiful, in any color, they bring such texture & character to your space. They are a great addition to your Christmas décor, no matter what your decorating style may be. Target Dollar Spot usually has the perfect small accent pine/spruce trees for your Christmas decorating- & they are a super budget friendly price too. Use your bowls, plates, etc- to hold the trees & greenery. What I love most about this decorating style is that it is still 100% functional & useful- we use our open shelving daily. 

Christmas décor doesn't have to be extravagant- always decorate in a way that makes you happy- that's what truly matters during the holiday season.

I love little cozy Christmas corners. Here I used a bar stool & placed a wood tray along with a rattan basket & my everyday fabric napkins. I used cedar napkin rings, cinnamon sticks & gold figs to bring a little bit of holiday to this corner in our kitchen. 

I love displaying decorative napkins- they are easily accessible during dinners & any party dinners you may have but they also look adorable sitting out in your décor. 

Would you believe me if I said I've had this same décor on this shelving for most of the year? I love showing ways you can decorate without changing everything, every season. Just by adding little touches- you can bring the season to your space in such a simple way. I love little baskets full of greenery- they look beautiful. I found this one at Target about two years ago- but you can easily make your own too using a basket & greenery you already have.

Here's also a little peek at our hallway upgrade- I'll have a full blog post coming on this soon. But, as a little tip- remember... hallways are rooms too & they need a little love sometimes. ;)

If you missed my Scandinavia Christmas inspired mantel blog post- here's a little peek... so you can see how beautifully all of the décor & colors flow together creating such a wonderful holiday aesthetic. Having a smaller home, if I do too many different colors or styles when decorating... it can often times become easily cluttered looking or too distracting. I like to keep it flowing since we have an open floor plan. I hope all of this brought a little inspo to your heart as you begin to decorate your home for the holidays. Happy decorating friend!

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