Scandinavian Inspired Cottage Christmas Mantel

Scandinavian Inspired Cottage Christmas Mantel

This year I decided to go with a more Scandinavian feel for our Christmas décor. Scandinavian Christmas décor is best known for it's natural & neutral decorating features like: 

  • green branches & trees
  • flocked trees
  • pine cones
  • other décor in neutral colors to compliment the greenery such as: golds, whites, browns & tans
  • clear Christmas lights
  • other natural elements like seasonally colored fruits such as oranges, apples & pomegranates 
  • rattan baskets, wicker baskets & neutral colored planter urns to hold Christmas trees
  • neutral colored velvet ribbon

Scandinavian Christmas décor is all about bringing the outdoors in & enjoying the beauty of nature during the Christmas holiday. I of course did my own little twist on it but ultimately- if you're going for a Scandinavian Christmas vibe- you want to be using elements from the outdoors in your décor. 

You can find some of the décor I used to create this look by clicking (here). I also used a little bit of velvet ribbon to create a little bow topper for my little spruce tree. I'm big on picking your style & then doing something different to make it your own. Cozy homes aren't all of everyone else's decorated homes- they are the home that is perfectly decorated for you & your family. I always hope that my blog & decorating brings inspo to you & ideas to your mind so that you can create a unique look in your home to enjoy during the seasons & holidays. 

Our Christmas tree isn't up yet- but it will be up very soon & that is something that I cannot wait to share with you- decorating the tree always brings such joy to my heart. My family always loves walking out & seeing the finished product- it may take a few hours & several hours of Michael Bublé Christmas on repeat but it sure is a beauty to sit back & enjoy.

If you're out & about & see a piece of décor that you love but it doesn't fit your decorating aesthetic- don't be afraid to paint it. This little Santa in the center- I found it at Dollar General a few days ago, it was a metallic gold color- it was still super pretty but it wasn't the exact look I was going for. I used a little leftover Fusion Mineral Paint (color: Bedford- same color as my kitchen cabinets) & viola! It was perfect for the mantel. I love using similar colors, just like how I used my kitchen cabinet color, this allows your décor to flow & creates an overall complete cozy atmosphere. 

As you begin to decorate your homes, I hope you keep some of my decorating tips in mind- by using elements from the outdoors, you can also keep your décor budget friendly. Pinecones can usually be found outside this time of year & if you live in a place that has local Christmas greenery- that is a wonderful addition to your décor as well. Some Christmas tree farms will allow you to take home some of their collection of bottom tree clippings- I'll be doing this this year as well & showing you how I use that to decorate our home. Happy Christmas decorating friend! 

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