Spooky Halloween Cottage Mantel

Spooky Halloween Cottage Mantel


It's almost officially spooky season! There's nothing I love more than styling cozy with a touch of spooky. It was so much fun creating this look in our home. I am preparing for the Hocus Pocus 2 launch on Friday & decided to do a little Halloween themed look while we watch the movie premiere. This look just brings so much joy to my heart- it's so cozy & just makes me want to curl up on the couch & watch scary movies. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed styling it & sharing it with you.

I found this beautiful vintage inspired shutters & the wood sugar mold from a shop I absolutely adore on Instagram- Cotton & Crete. I added a touch of black Halloween fabric to the shutters, mini terracotta pots to the sugar mold & of course I had to use my favorite black taper candles from Amazon, you can find them (here). They are my absolute favorite. You can set them on a timer too, which makes them easy to set & forget about & just enjoy your decorating. I love decorating with vintage art, I did a whole blog post on that too that you can find (here). I also accented around the mantel using a bag of Spanish moss I found from the Dollar Tree. I also used a cinnamon scent broom stick I found from Michael's. You can also find them at many other stores... including your local Dollar Tree this time of year.

My most asked about piece of fall/Halloween décor are my maple leaves. You can find all of the info on where I found the beautiful stems at (here).

I always suggest taking a quick search around your home, outside, in your storage shed & take inventory of what you have & use throughout the seasons. I am big on versatile décor. These terracotta pots I used to decorate are also what I used this past spring to plant my seeds in to start seedlings. Decorating doesn't mean you have to buy something new every season. Often times, we have a lot around our homes already that will work for many seasons- we just have to add a few different touches of greenery, stems, accent pieces, etc. 

I did another whole blog post on my pumpkin cabinet & the cute little ceramic ghosts in them, you can read that (here). This whole space together looks so amazing lit up at night- I cannot wait for the movie premiere to sit back & enjoy the kick off of Halloween season. You can see a little how it looks all lit up in the evening in our home- the candle light just adds such a cozy touch. 


Thank you so much for stopping by to read my blog post! I love sharing my home décor with you & hope that each blog post brings a little inspo to your heart from your own home, friend. Happy decorating! 

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