Spring & Summer Farmhouse Cottage Garden

Spring & Summer Farmhouse Cottage Garden

Gardening is like my meditation time- next to reading. I absolutely love gardening, all year round, but especially in the spring & summer. I love how not only can I do something I love that relaxes me but it also helps bring cozy appeal around our home.

This year I went with shades of purple, white & of course, lots of green. Here in the south, ferns are a MUST HAVE in your garden. I have so many ferns spread out between our front porch, back porch, by the shed, by the pool- I just absolutely love them so I know I must incorporate them every year into our garden.

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you know that we did have a greenhouse this year- until it blew away in a recent storm. I lost all of my little seedlings I had planted. I didn't have the space to start seedlings again, so I visited our local nursey & purchased some semi-grown veggies to start our garden. This year I got tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers & banana peppers. I might add a few more things. I'm really hoping to can lots of salsa & stewed tomatoes this summer to have for football season & fall.

Now... onto my favorite plants in our garden this year. Please know that I say garden but I mean our home as a whole- front yard & back yard, it's pretty much one big garden to me.

Things I planted this year:

  • April Night Savlia
  • Boston Ferns
  • Lavender
  • Potato Vines
  • White Laguna Cloud
  • Superbena Stormburst
  • Superbells Grape Punch
  • And a few more white flowering plants that didn't come with plant tags that you can see pictured- they remind me of baby's breath but that's not what they are.

 I can also find some great pots at places like Lowes, Home Depot & believe it or not... even Dollar General. Here are some pots that I found there last week that I'm obsessing over. They are beautiful & only $8.

And, last for the bushes- I love rose bushes & hydrangeas. Roses remind me of my Grandma's house growing up- she always had the most beautiful roses. Hydrangeas are my personal favorite, ever! They are so beautiful & just give me all the summer vibes. The flowers are great for drying out & using for décor all year round too. Our hydrangea is only a little over two years old, so she still has a lot of growing to do.

I hope this brought you a little bit of joy & a little bit of inspo for what to plant in your own gardens around your home this spring & summer. Happy gardening friend!


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