Simple Pumpkin Dining Table Centerpiece

Simple Pumpkin Dining Table Centerpiece

For this super simple fall dining table centerpiece- all you need are some pumpkins, candles & your favorite fall florals. Of course, placemats accent the table wonderfully & tablecloths can bring an extra contrast of color & texture to your dining table.

Taper candles will always be my "go-to" candles for this look- they are timeless & cozy to me. You can use any type of fall florals for this as well- you can use a vase, an antique urn, an antique galvanized bucket... be creative with it. I used this fall tree from Hobby Lobby but feel free to use any type of florals, greenery or leaves you'd like to make this look unique to your home.

To tie the look all together, if you have space, you can always hang a fall wreath to complete the look. It still keeps this look simple but brings a lot of color & a lot of different textures to the space.

When decorating any space, it's always important to achieve the level of "ambiance" you're going for. I wanted warm, cozy, inviting, cottagey- & once you figure out what type of ambiance you're going for, be sure to pick out pieces to complete that ambiance. We all have our own unique ways to decorate & it's always fun to take an idea & make it your own. 

If you're going for an inviting ambiance- I love using bakery items like cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, muffins, cookies, bagels... to display under a cake stand or on a plate with a cloche. This just invites everyone over to the table because who can't resist a yummy, fresh bakery item. This is a look that can take you all the way through Thanksgiving. Be sure to tag me in your pictures on Instagram (krystlemarienickels) - I love seeing your beautifully styled homes. If you'd like info on the table cloth & placemats, you can find all of those links (here). Happy decorating friend!


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