Cozy Fall Cottage Decorating: Pumpkins, Gourds & Maple Leaves

Cozy Fall Cottage Decorating: Pumpkins, Gourds & Maple Leaves

I love sharing simple ways that you can decorate your home for fall. Sometimes, the simple touches- added in with your everyday home décor makes for a beautifully cozy space in your home to enjoy throughout the falls season. Even if it's as simple as creating one cozy corner to enjoy... these tips will surely help you create that warm & inviting fall vibe.

1. Pumpkins

Just by adding a few pumpkins to the décor you already have- it's an easy way to add just the right amount of fall to your home. I like using neutral & earthy toned pumpkins that tie into the color scheme of my home. I also love using a variety of textured pumpkins- another easy way to add a bit more character to your space. Use the pumpkins to fill cloches, lanterns, pots, planters & more. To create a fuller look- try adding a mirror behind your pumpkins- it adds a bit of depth to your space as well.

2. Gourds & Maple Leaves

I've started collecting dried gourds- but faux ones work just as good when it comes to decorating simple for fall. You can also use these to accent pieces of you décor like lanterns, cloches, planters & pots. They look beautiful sat beside existing décor to add a little fall flare. Maple leaves are another subtle way to bring in the coziness of fall. 

3. Candles

Nothing says fall better than a fall scented candle. Not only does it help create a cozy space by the ambiance the flame brings- but also the cozy smells of fall. I love keeping my senses in mind when it comes to decorating- & everyone loves a cozy smelling home.

As you can see- all of these simple touches [together] make for an enchanting home filled with the colors of autumn. You can shop all of my curated fall home décor collections here.

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Can you update as to where you get some of them??? I love antique looking pumpkins!

Melissa Smith

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