Rearranging Your Furniture for a Cozy New Vibe

Rearranging Your Furniture for a Cozy New Vibe

I absolutely love changing around furniture- not only is a cost friendly way to change up your space but switching things up always makes me feel better. It always is an instant mood booster & I love all things cozy- & switching things up every now & then is always cozy to me. This is also the perfect opportunity to do a little deep cleaning & wash things like your curtains, blankets, rugs & pillows. And it also gives you a chance to move your décor around & get rid of items that no longer suite your style and/or vibe.

Start with moving your big furniture items like your couch, coffee table, chairs, side tables & shelving first & then focus on the smaller items last like your accent décor pieces for your coffee table, shelving & side tables. When rearranging furniture I like to keep the "conversation flow" in mind- this means keeping your seating area arranged in a way that is easy for everyone to get cozy together & spend a family movie night or have a good family chat.

I've said it a few times but I feel like since the New Year, I've been in a season of change & this was just the change I needed. We are all in different seasons in our life & in our home- we had our previous furniture layout for a few years so this was a much needed & much appreciated change- especially as winter just turned to spring- it gives me all the "new" feel vibes that spring brings.

Our home is a smaller home in eastern NC- it is right around 1,500 square feet & is coming up on 28 years old. The layout tends to be a bit difficult when it comes in terms to arranging furniture. If you have a smaller home layout like we do- always keep in mind the flow of your furniture & décor. As you can see, you can easily see into our dining area from our living space area. Our dining area is a getting a few upgrades (new blog post on that very soon- stay tuned!) so keeping this space light & airy but yet inviting & warm is always at the top of my priority list. Making sure you décor & color scheme flows will make your smaller home seem bigger & so much more inviting. 

To sneak in another fun quick tip- I LOVE using mirrors in smaller living room spaces. I typically prefer placing them on our mantel- mirrors make a space seem bigger by reflecting your home & light. Pair your mirror with a set of taper candles to reflect & it is *chefs kiss*! You can find a few of the items I used in the photo above to recreate this look in your own home (here). A lot of my finds are local antique/thrifting finds- so I always recommend checking out & supporting your local antique shops & then also making a stop by your local Goodwill & yard sales.

My Top 5 Tips When Redecorating & Rearranging:

  1. Chose a focal point- a fireplace mantel, TV stand, bookshelf, painting/framed artwork, window & arrange the furniture around this focal point or in a way that draws the eye more towards the focal point.
  2. If possible, keep a few of your furniture pieces pushed off of the wall... even if it's a small amount of space between the wall & furniture. You can use this space to add floor lamps, plant stands & more. It's an easy way to bring a little something extra when your rearranging your home.
  3. Place furniture in a conversational way. If everyone is sitting down in the space together- ideally, you'd like to be able to easily see one another. For our home, making sure our living room furniture also includes views of our dining area is important- since these two spaces are both smaller & you can see both of them from either the living room or the dining room.
  4. Keep in mind how you walk through your home. Be sure to leave enough space for walking, for pets & for doors, entryways and/or foyers.
  5. Utilize mirrors to make your space seem larger. Floor length mirrors are an excellent way to achieve this look.

Also, I enjoy using apps like Pinterest to inspire me. You wouldn't believe the beauty people can bring out in their homes. You can follow me on Pinterest (here)- I'm always pinning lots of gorgeous inspo daily.

I hope my blog post has brought a little inspo to you & little creativity to your heart to switch up the furniture in your home- it's truly one of my favorite things to do & the best part... it doesn't cost a penny. Happy decorating friend & be sure to follow me on Instagram (krystlemarienickels) to stay up to date on what's new around here. And my LTK shop too- where I post links to all the things I love the most! 

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