Quick & Easy Chandelier Upgrade!

Quick & Easy Chandelier Upgrade!

I am so so excited to share how this easy upgrade turned out. I want to spruce up our dining area but wanted to keep the neutral cottage vibes. I absolutely love our black chandelier with our black antique dining table- so getting a new chandelier wasn't an option. Fun little fact about our dining table- it's a local antique find from the late 1890s & still has it's original casters- I adore original casters on furniture. 

I was shopping at Lowe's for some new house plants this week & did my usual walking around so "Lowe's can tell me what I need" & I came across this beautiful ceiling medallion & instantly knew this was exactly what I needed for our dining space. It looks absolutely beautiful & added just the perfect amount of texture. Our ceilings are already textured & I was worried if it would clash but it looks even more amazing than I imagined. Another fun fact: I LOVE textured ceilings. Our ceilings are slap brush ceiling textured & original to the house. It adds a lot of character & charm to our home.

This upgrade cost us $65 & if you're a veteran or military spouse/member- don't forget to use your extra 10% off at Lowe's. I didn't have to paint the medallion- the color was a perfect match. It can definitely be easily spray painted if you wanted to switch up the color to match your space. 

You can find the medallion I purchased here - it took about 10 minutes to install & was such a budget friendly way to refresh & enhance the look of this space.

I get asked a lot about our chandelier as well- it isn't currently being sold anymore; however, I did find a similar one that is just as gorgeous- you can find that by clicking here.

I'm also sharing the link to our dining chairs- they are so well made & beautiful. They are real wood & are amazing quality. You can find our dining chairs here.

 I hope you enjoyed this quick & easy post on how to upgrade your chandelier. Happy decorating sweet friend!


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