$4 Pumpkin Topiary DIY: Cozy Fall Cottage Home Décor

$4 Pumpkin Topiary DIY: Cozy Fall Cottage Home Décor

This DIY is a simple one- seriously, it's so simple the supply list only has two items on it. I was walking around Dollar General the other day & when I saw it, I knew it would be such a cozy addition to my fall décor - it just needed a little spray paint.

I keep the color Chiffon Cream by Rustoleum on hand at all times- it's the perfect creamy neutral white & it always pairs stunningly with my home décor. 

Pro tip: I flip my plastic bird bath upside down & use it to hold smaller items that I'm spray painting. I flip it back over once I'm done & you can't even notice.

Three coats of spray paint later... the topiary is the perfect cozy color for my home & my fall décor. I love using a neutral & natural palette for holiday decorating.

I used one of my smaller urn planters to style it & it's beautiful. You can't beat a $4 simple DIY. Now, it's time for a trip to your local Dollar General friend.

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Where can I purchase the swan?

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