No Cost Greenery Centerpiece for Your Home

No Cost Greenery Centerpiece for Your Home

Hi friend! It's me, Krystle! Greenery will always be my favorite piece of décor to work with. It's easy to incorporate into any style you may have for your home! There's just something about bringing the outdoors in, especially during the spring & summer that makes me feel relaxed & cozy... & you are literally bringing a piece for your yard inside your home to enjoy for days & days.

You don't have to clip beautiful flowers for centerpieces & arrangements. A lot of times, you can find beauty in the green leaves found on trees. I enjoy clipping various sizes of branches from some of the smaller trees around our backyard. They are free (yay!), they last a long time with a little bit of water & it's something you can be proud of. 

I love huge statement piece arrangements, so I like clipping longer & shorter branches to create a very full centerpiece. I also used an antique glass pitcher I had to place them in but you can use anything you have on hand... even clear drinking glasses make great branch holders.

Have fun with it, there's no wrong way to put this together. You can enjoy it on your coffee table, side table, dining table, mantel, bedroom, bathroom, patio...

Be sure to follow me on Insta @krystlemarienickels & tag me in your photos of your beautiful greenery centerpieces, I love seeing & sharing your creativity.


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