New Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Two Toned Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

New Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Two Toned Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

A few months ago, I decided I wanted two-toned cabinets. I feel like they bring such a classic look to any space- in such an easy way. And the best part? It's easily changeable. The original color I wasn't 100% feeling but I lived with it for a few months to see if I may change my mind. Don't get me wrong, it's still a beautiful color just wasn't the exact color & vibe I was going for. I ordered my favorite paint for our cabinets from The Painted Heirloom- they always ship so fast. I ordered mid last week & it was delivered Saturday. I had a busy weekend so I waited until today to paint the new paint color. It only took about a hour, painting just the top cabinets. Our kitchen isn't large- so that's another reason why it didn't take too long to re-paint.

But, I swear by Fusion Mineral Paint. It just glides on & the best part... is the matte finish. It is super easy to wash as well, which is a big win. Even with teenagers- the cabinets still get a little bit dirty, haha. I also used Fusion Mineral paint (see all of their colors here) on all of the doors in our home- including our pantry. While the pantry door & top cabinets look similar in color... they are two different colors but they compliment each other beautifully. 

Usually when you decide to have two-toned cabinets in your kitchen... the top cabinets are white/the lighter color & the bottom cabinets are the darker/contrasting color, I did opposite in our home. I did this because our pantry door is painted in a similar color- I felt like so much dark at the bottom would be a little too much & since the walls are painted a shade of white- I decided to flip the two & I love the way it looks. Every painted spot stands out in their own way & they don't blend into each other. As I always say paint & decorate your home in a way YOU love & this is what I loved.

These are the paint colors used in our kitchen:

I also use the 2" angled brush & the 4" velour roller with frame by Fusion Mineral Paint- I purchase all of this from The Painted Heirloom through their website. Shipping is always super fast & the paint arrives in perfect condition, the package is always carefully wrapped. The Fusion Mineral paint typically takes two coats & then I like to go back & spot touch up after the second coat has finished drying.

I love how paint can quickly change the look of your home. I always gravitate more towards the warm neutrals. Eventually our countertops will be replaced, which will finally bring our kitchen fully together but they don't look bad for 26 year old original countertops. We did have them refinished & painted & I'm pretty impressed by how well they've held up. We had that done about 6 years ago! I highly recommend doing that if new countertops aren't currently in your budget.

I just love how all of the colors in our home all tie in together to create an overall coziness throughout our home. I'm going to have to dig up some photos of our home when we first moved in... it's been a long 8 years & we've been super patient with all of the upgrades... but, we aren't done yet! ;)

I hope this brough a little inspo to your heart for you home- thank you so much for being a friend! 

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