My Favorite Home Décor Photo Presets

My Favorite Home Décor Photo Presets

I've been wanting to write this blog post to answer a few questions I get about what presets I use to edit my photos. Believe it or not, I use my iPhone for 99% of the photos I share here & on my Instagram (@krystlemarienickels) - I also edit them on my phone as well using the free Lightroom app. This app is simply... AMAZING! & a total must have when it comes to editing your photos. Lightroom makes it easy to upload your favorite presets & then instantly edit your photos & save them... I highly recommend. This comes in handy with vacation photos, home photos, family photos, product photos... I use Lightroom for every single photo I use & post.

Now... onto what you're really here for... what presets do I use? Well, I have actually used these same presets for several years & one of my favorite home décor bloggers actually designed them. Liz Marie Blog has THE BEST presets that I have come across. I own them all & they are all equally amazing for different lighting, seasons, etc... but I do have a favorite that I use daily, which is her: Cozy White Cottage Seasons Preset, which you can find (here). But like I said, you can't go wrong with any of her presets- they are all equally amazing!

Preset Tips:

Our home does tend to be a tad bit on the darker side in photos- after I apply the preset to my photo in Lightroom... I also like playing around & adjusting the following settings:

  • highlights
  • shadows
  • whites
  • blacks
  • color temp
  • clarity

If your photo pulls more blue or orange or any other color, you can also adjust it by tapping the "color" tab in Lightroom & then tapping "mix" in the right hand corner & choosing the color you would to balance out in your photo.

Overall, just have fun with it & play around with the different settings offered. I taught myself how to use Lightroom but there are also great tutorials you can find by searching on YouTube.

Now... it's time to go try out your new preset. After purchasing your preset, Liz Marie Blog shares with you how to upload & use it in Lightroom. Presets do look different with different lighting & colors in photos but just play around with the settings & create a look that you love. And, the best feeling is when you apply the preset to your photo & nothing needs to be done- which happens often. Happy editing friend!



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