How to Use Your Mobile Lightroom Presets

How to Use Your Mobile Lightroom Presets

This guide will teach you to install your Lightroom Mobile preset into the mobile app. You will be able to save it as a preset and apply to your own photos with one click.

How to use your new preset:

1. After purchasing the preset, download the zip file to your device & unzip the file. The download will be in .DNG format after you unzip the file. If you'd like to use a free app to unzip your file, I recommend using Unzip

2. After unzipping- open the image in your mobile Lightroom app. iPhone users- tap the image & then tap the small arrow at the bottom left of your screen to share it- then select the Lightroom app - select "Launch Lightroom Now".


3. The image will be saved to your Lightroom app & Lightroom should open automatically. Tap the image & then tap the three circles at the top right & then tap "Create preset".

4. Name your preset & the tap the checkmark in the top right corner. Your new preset is now saved within your Lightroom app & with a simple click, the preset is easily applied to your photos.

5. Add/open the photo you would like to apply the preset to. Tap the two circles at the bottom near the left of your screen- this is where all of your presets are stored & simply tap the preset & viola.

Be sure to save a copy of the edited photo to your device by hitting the square/arrow at the top of your screen & tapping "Save copy to device". Your newly edited photo should now be available within your photo album on your device. 


*Pro Tip*: Sometimes the preset will be just right for your photo & other times you may need to do little adjustments. You can easily adjust the exposure, shadows, lighting, warmth to fit your photo perfectly after the preset is applied. This is normal- as not all photos have the same lighting, colors, etc.

I can't wait to see your beautifully edited photos using my presets- this is my first of many & I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with you friend. Be sure to tag me on Instagram in your photos edited using my presets: krystlemarienickels

All items are final sale.

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