Faux Plant Decorating Ideas

Faux Plant Decorating Ideas

I love a good mix of using faux & real plants to decorate & make a home feel cozy. Bringing the outdoors in is an inviting everyday look- not just for the spring time. I'm sharing a few ways I use faux plants to decorate & how to "spruce" them up a little to match your decor.

One way is to place the faux plant in a bowl. This is our open shelving, that we use everyday, but I added faux plants into our soup bowl stack & large bowl. When it's time to use the bowls, I just take the plant out & set it right back down until the bowl is washed & ready to be put away. 

I LOVE cloches! They are a piece of decor that is super versatile, through all seasons of decorating & bring a touch of elegance. Here I've just added a mini faux plant inside of a small bowl & then placed the cloche over top. 

I'm obsessed with this cloche & if you follow me on Insta- I'm sure you've seen it move all around my house & be used in every season. It's super important to find "staple" pieces that can be used year round- this is a budget friendly way to create new looks with the same pieces. And again with the bowl, added it under the candle to bring something a little extra to this space. Walk around your home or in your cabinets to see what you can use that you already have.

Terracotta pots are another favorite of mine- especially the old age distressed ones. They bring a bit of texture & a vintage look to a space. I've added a moss ball to this terracotta pot.

Do a little antiquing! I always find the best plant holders there- like this little pot. It's adorable & fits my vintage cottage theme & adds a new style to the plant & the shelving. Pots & baskets are my two favorite things to look for when I'm visiting local antique shops.

Hydrangeas are my most favorite flower, ever! They just remind me of summer days & summer is my favorite season. I found this large plastic plant holder at- I believe, Dollar General. I used a little spray paint & viola... it looks perfect on our dining room table. Never underestimate the power of a can of spray paint, my friend!

Always try to think outside of the box when looking for planters. And, if it's not a color that fits your decor or style- use a little spray paint to create a new look! These are simple, budget friendly ways to bring a whole new vibe to your plants- real & faux. I hope this post inspires you in decorating your home. Tag me on Insta so I can see all of your beautiful planters (@krystlemarienickels)

Thank you so so much for reading & following along! Cheers friends!

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