Fall Cottage Pumpkin Cabinet

Fall Cottage Pumpkin Cabinet


I was so excited to see my local farmer's market finally had pumpkins out! I knew I had to make a trip ASAP & it didn't disappoint. It was such a beautiful morning & even though it's not quite fall weather here in NC- it was so nice to stroll through the pumpkins & enjoy a touch of fall- a sweet reminder that fall is almost here. These pumpkins were found at my favorite local market- Gillis Hill Farm. If you're a local to the area, I'm sure you've already stopped by but if you haven't definitely add it to your fall bucket list!

I love a good mix of faux & real pumpkins. There's just something special & unique about real pumpkins that you just can't find in faux ones. I LOVE textured pumpkins so I knew exactly what pumpkins I wanted to use for my fall pumpkin cabinet. They are called Grizzly Bear pumpkins. They are the perfect size to use to decorate indoors & the texture on them is amaaazing! This helps add a lot to your space without overdoing the décor aspect. 

Hunter went with me on this quick pumpkin trip. There will be many more visits this fall but he was a trooper & helped me load up & carry in all the pumpkins. He also is a great photographer- even though it embarrassed him... teenagers are so funny sometimes. He didn't want to take a picture with me... again... teenagers! ;)

I took them home & washed them- this made for the cutest little photo in our new white kitchen sink, I just had to snap a quick picture to share with you. Washing your pumpkins does help them last a little bit longer through the season. At the end of fall, we always give the pumpkins to our chickens & to the horses.

So now, the moment you've been waiting for... the reason you came to read this entire blog post... my fall pumpkin cabinet! I used 15 Grizzly Bear pumpkins to create this look. It is SO cozy & just the perfect touch of décor without it being too overbearing. It is fall perfection to me & I cannot wait to cozy up, watch Hocus Pocus & enjoy this space.


If you have any sort of cabinets, even across your mantel- you can add a cute little collection of fall pumpkins to bring a touch of cozy character to your home. It's such a simple way to decorate & honestly, this is one of my favorite looks I've ever done! 


I hope this brought a little inspo to your heart when you start decorating your home for fall & creating your own pumpkin cabinet, pumpkin wall or pumpkin mantel. Be sure to follow me over on Insta (krystlemarienickels) to stay up to date on everything new around here & all of my fall décor inspo & tips! Happy decorating friend!

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