Easy Halloween Cottage Front Porch

Easy Halloween Cottage Front Porch

It's the end of September & even though my kiddos are teenagers, they still love decorating the porch for Halloween. I have a much spookier front porch planned as it gets closer to Halloween but I wanted to share this quick, easy & budget friendly front porch décor idea with you- using witch hats, crows, your existing plants & greenery & witch brooms. You can also add in pumpkins, mums & gourds but I haven't shopped for those yet & wanted to share this look because while it's super simple I also really love it, especially at the beginning of Halloween before things get a little spookier around here.


There' just something about the greenery + neutral + black look of this that I just LOVE! Of course in a few weeks I'll be adding touches of orange & mums but this look I'm totally loving right now. You can find the details on the crows, witches hats & Jack O' Lantern (here). I found the ceramic cauldron at a local antique shop a few years back. And the witches brooms are from one of my favorite décor shops, Cotton & Crete.

I'm all about adorable but simple décor ideas. And by adding all of the crows & witches hats to my existing greenery & home... it just felt like a real "spooky witch" vibe going on that is so fun during this time of year. You can add the crows to your bushes, trees, plants, etc... anywhere on your front porch. I would suggest getting more than a few- especially if you have a big front porch for a more dramatic styling.

I love how these ones look so natural- like they are about to fly off at anytime. This is a much shorter than usual blog post but it is meant to be a quick + easy Halloween front porch piece of inspo for you. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (krystlemarienickels) to stay up to date in my stories, posts & reels- to get a full glimpse at what's happening over here at Nickels Creek. Happy Halloween friend! 

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