DIY Moss Covered Bird House

DIY Moss Covered Bird House

This was such an easy DIY. If you've read any of my other DIY blog posts... you know I'm all about quick & simple DIYs & this is another one to add to your list. Best part... kids can help out with this one too. My teenager decided to help me & we had fun doing this together. You can find my supply list here.


  • wood bird house
  • chain to hang the bird house
  • spray adhesive
  • any type of moss (Tip: use a mixture of moss types for an extra cozy cottage garden vibe.)

Simply spray the adhesive, one side at a time, & then apply the moss. I did this DIY outside because it was a bit messy. I decided to do it in the grass so that way the pieces of moss that fell down & we couldn't pick up... it would blend easily into the grass.

It turned out so adorable- I love it! I love anything covered in moss & I have a few more mossy DIYs up my sleeve this summer too.

I can't wait to update you & let you know if our cozy birdhouse has any new guests. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all things cozy & DIY. Happy crafting friend.

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