Cottage Kitchens: Smeg Toaster Dupe from Amazon

Cottage Kitchens: Smeg Toaster Dupe from Amazon

This was such a GREAT find on Amazon. I was super excited when it came & I'm impressed with the retro antique look & the beautiful cream color. It truly is a great Smeg dupe & it is fraction of the cost.

Don't get me wrong- the Smeg toasters are absolutely stunning but for someone like me, who enjoys decorating but on a budget, this $30 one from Amazon fits our kitchen perfectly. You can find this toaster (here).

We use a toaster almost daily- the kids love making toast or bagels, so having a toaster easily accessible is important to us. It is also available in a few different color options including black. The cream fits my cottage farmhouse aesthetic gorgeously. Such a great find & I'm so happy it has been added to our kitchen. Happy decorating friend!

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