Cottage Garden Fountain & Barn Light: Upgrade Your Backyard Oasis

Cottage Garden Fountain & Barn Light: Upgrade Your Backyard Oasis

We have been busy over here at Nickels Creek this weekend! We had the concrete poured for our second patio addition last week & we are choosing a contractor this week for our patio roofing but also our backyard deck & roofing addition. YAY! More to come on that in the next few weeks. This is our next BIG project that will be underway.

I have always loved garden fountains. They look absolutely beautiful & the waterfall sounds are so relaxing. There's nothing I love more than reading beside a fountain or enjoying a family dinner beside the waterfall sounds. I've been looking for the perfect fountain for our backyard & when I saw this one... I knew it was perfect! And that black color is just amazing- it contrasts so beautifully up against our vinyl siding & black gutters.

You can find the fountain from Wayfair (here). It arrived quickly & was super easy to assemble. My 14 year old son & I had it put together in a few minutes. I did set it on a concrete square pad, to ensure it was level. It did take a little extra leveling of the ground- but with a fountain, it's important to make sure the surface you are setting it on is perfectly level... we used a leveler for this. You don't want a lop-sided fountain.

I chose this fountain because it was budget friendly. Now, I know that a $600 price tag is still spendy but when you are looking for fountains, you will see that a concrete fountain will easily cost you thousands of dollars and while they are beautiful, that just isn't in our budget. So in comparison, this was a great deal! And did I mention the color if it?! I'm in LOVE with it!

We have a spotlight over the top of the fountain to make it a lit up focal point at night but, you can also use a solar powdered stake light to create the same beautiful effect. 

Last project of the weekend was this quick barn light. The light here on the second patio was still the original light from 25 years ago when the house was built. Remember, I told you... our home has a been a labor of love for 8 years & we still aren't done yet.

This was the perfect Amazon find & it's a dusk to dawn light- we just leave the light switch "on" & it turns on automatically every day as soon as it gets dark- perfect! Barn light can be found (here).

I hope this post has inspired you a little when you're looking for a fountain for your garden or when you're looking to upgrade your patio light. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (krystlemarienickels) to stay up to date with what's happening around here from day to day. Happy decorating, friend!

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