5 Cottage Farmhouse Spring Home Décor Tips - 2023

5 Cottage Farmhouse Spring Home Décor Tips - 2023

I've been working hard behind the scenes styling & photographing to share with you some of my favorite ways to decorate your home for spring. If you love the cottage farmhouse look- then this blog post is for you! And while I have your attention, be sure to follow me on Instagram too (krystlemarienickels) - Monday-Friday I share a new daily home décor tip. And I've been sharing all about gardening too- since I am planting my seeds tomorrow, yay!

Here's a quick round- up of some of my favorite tips to bring touches of cozy in with your spring home décor. 

1. Accent your home décor with bunnies.

What I love most about bunny home décor is that if you're into the cottage farmhouse look- bunnies are great year round in your home. On my Instagram, I talk about ways to integrate your existing décor throughout each season- yes, even Halloween & Christmas. You can find this bunny trinket (here). Also, when you go antiquing/thrifting- add lamps onto your wish list. I found this gorgeous lamp while out antiquing locally. I loved it as is but you can easily switch up the lampshades too- I typically look at the base of the lamp first & if needed, switch up the lampshade to match my home.

2. Be creative & use different baskets throughout your home.

You can use these baskets to hold things like plants, pillows, blankets & more. You can use them strictly as décor centerpieces or you can make them a piece of functional décor by using them to store books, blankets, pillows, magazines & more. 

3. Treat yourself & your home to fresh flowers- they make for great décor!

I'm sure we all have that song stuck in our heads... you know the one that says... "I can buy myself flowers...." but I mean, when it comes to home décor- Miley Cyrus was right on point. Fresh flowers give an instant boost of color to your home- & also to your mood. I like selecting several bouquets & then using a few different sized vases to decorate throughout my home. I love larger pieces for my dining table & then using smaller bud vases to accent cozy little corners.

4. Keep it bright & simple & go vertical with your décor.

Our home is smaller- so keeping my décor bright & simple is a top priority for me. Home décor can easily become cluttered in smaller spaces- to eliminate this, I love going vertical with my décor. Decorate on top of cabinets- when doing this layer your pieces. Doing this adds the illusion of more height to your space too making it appear larger. Keep the colors flowing. And bring a little bit of the outdoors in- plants always bring an extra dash of cozy without being too overpowering. Be sure to add pieces that vary in texture- this adds interest to your space. And- don't use too many smaller pieces of décor. Use larger pieces that become more like "statement" pieces. Too many small home décor accents can easily become cluttered looking. Use less pieces by using large pieces. Accent rugs are another fun way to bring interest to your space. Believe it or not, this rug is actually an outdoor rug- that looks like jute but isn't. With two dogs, four cats & two teenagers- I wanted something easy to wash- simply use a pressure washer when it needs it. You can find items I used to decorate my living room space (here). You can find the birdcage décor (here). And, the details on my rug (here).

 5. Use pots of varying sizes, color & texture in your home décor- indoors & outdoors.

I love a good mix of new & vintage pots. You can use these pieces to hold more than just your home décor too- you can use them to hold utensils, pens & more. Think outside of the box. This is an easy way to bring a collected vintage look to your cottage home.




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That lamp and bunny gives me life! When you get tired of them just let me know.

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