Budget Friendly Fireplace Makeover

Budget Friendly Fireplace Makeover

I had so so much fun with this project & so excited to share it with you, finally! I wanted to cover up the marble on our fireplace. I like keeping our projects & upgrades budget friendly & instantly knew that in order to keep the cost low, I was going to have to paint over the marble. I had a leftover can of paint from our hallway & I used that on the marble on the front of the fireplace. The color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It's such a beautiful & calming shade of white... it's one of my favorites. I used the paint to re-paint the entire fireplace & shiplap for a paint refresh. The first picture is at nighttime & the second picture is during the day.

 The bottom/floor marble part of the fireplace, I originally was going to use peel & stick tile on it. Once the tile arrived, I LOVED it- just not in this space. I'm keeping it to use somewhere else in the house (one day, haha!). I ended up painting it with the color "Putty" by Fusion Mineral Paint. It is also the same color I have on all of the interior doors of our home so it makes for a super pretty contrast & overall cozy vibe.

 Once all of the painting was finished- I felt like it needed something to truly give it more of a vintage vibe. I found this darling wooden ornate design on Amazon & used Gorilla Glue to attach it to the fireplace & let it dry overnight. And then painted over it using the color White Dove again but left part of the natural wood color ever so slightly showing to give it a bit of dimension & to me, it gives it a bit more a vintage look.

 Some of you may have seen my Insta story where I had to hold it in place with duct tape... & it worked, ha! And, you can see the color I painted it first that I ended up painting over & so happy I did!

 We don't use our fireplace so I'm not sure if this upgrade will work for everyone but it was definitely a budget friendly design, for us, that completely opened this space up. It looks absolutely beautiful & makes the room feel a bit bigger & cozier.

Thanks for taking the time to read & happy decorating friend! PS: You can find the links for several of my fireplace items here!



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