Antiquing on eBay: Country Cottage Style

Antiquing on eBay: Country Cottage Style

It's no secret how much I love antiquing. I have my favorite local antique shops I frequent, when we are out of town/country on vacation- I HAVE to find at least one antique shop. I also love finding antiques on Facebook Marketplace- but recently, I have fell in love with antiquing on eBay.

Seriously- I love it because...

1. I can shop from the comfort of my own home.

2. I'm able to make offers to sellers on items I'm interested in purchasing.

Last week I was doing a little browsing on eBay- I went on there initially looking for authentic dried gourds for my fall décor. And not only did I find those, but I also found a few other things- one of which has been on my "antiquing wish list" for quite some time but I haven't been able to find it locally. PS: I rounded up my favorite dried gourd finds from eBay here.

I've been looking for a vintage cabbage bowl from Holland for a little while. Sometimes, antiquing online can get a little spendy when you calculate in shipping but again, this is why I love the option eBay gives you of making a seller an offer for an item. I was SO excited to find my cabbage bowl & when it arrived- it was just as it looked in the picture & mixed in with my collected cottage décor perfectly. I rounded up my favorite cabbage bowl eBay finds here.


 And I saved the best for last- & this was actually something that I wasn't even searching for... & I'm not sure how I even came across it but I'm telling you- it was an amazing find. I love using versatile pieces- & this ceramic orange topiary is just that. The color makes it perfect to use with your fall décor, the oranges bring a Scandinavian vibe to your Christmas décor & when it's not the holidays- it serves as a great everyday décor piece for your side table, coffee table, dining table, outdoor patio area- seriously, it is so versatile. It is made in Italy & just gives off all of the cozy cottage vibes. I rounded up my favorite ceramic orange topiaries from eBay here.

I hope I've inspired you to do a little antiquing on eBay here very soon- you may be surprised at what you find friend. Happy collecting & happy decorating!

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