Fall Cottage Antique Crystal Cabinet: Functional & Decorative

Fall Cottage Antique Crystal Cabinet: Functional & Decorative

Pine cabinets are my favorite! They bring such character & charm to any home & any decorating aesthetic. I found ours at a local antique shop- I was so happy when I came across it. I was looking for something tall but narrow to fit our smaller sized living room. I also wanted it to have shelving- since our home is on the smaller side, I wanted a space to store some of my extra kitchen pieces & this was perfect for that. I love collecting crystal pieces & recently on my last yard sale haul- I found some amazing vintage crystal pieces... some even from France. As soon as I got home, I soaked them in the sink with a little Dawn dish soap & then let them air dry. After they air dried... it was time to style the crystal cabinet.

It turned out beautifully! And since it is the fall season right now, I wanted to add a little touch of fall without overdoing it. Just by adding a little pumpkin & a little fall leaves- it was the perfect little touch of fall.

I also added in my mini clock collection. This is something new that I've began collecting. I like to check my local antique shops, Goodwill, estate sales, yard sales & flea markets for these. My favorite, so far, has been my mini Mora clock from Sweden. I purchased it off of Etsy from a seller in Sweden & it is absolutely stunning. I wish we had room in our home for a full size Mora clock but for now, this mini one will have to do... & I'm perfectly okay with that.

It is always important to me when decorating to make sure that my spaces are functional- not just decorative. We will use every single thing here in this cabinet. These beautiful crystal dishes also work great as serving platters & dip bowls when entertaining. I also love serving cucumber salad & pasta salad in these gorgeous bowls. The dishes with the lids, I use to hold cookies, candied pretzels & candy through the seasons. Crystal deviled egg trays are also great to display in your crystal cabinet- I have two of those here in ours along with a few clear Pyrex bowls & casserole dishes. Those are timeless, classic pieces when cooking & match crystal perfectly.

 I also love decorating with crystal pieces because of the texture each piece has. It bring an extra little bit of cozy to your home. Don't forget to accent & decorate around your pieces in your cabinet. I love using rattan & wicker baskets- I use these pieces in our home too & when not in use, I love storing them here for a classic cottage look. I also use my small bud vases, taper candles & vintage canvas art to accent the shelving. Be sure to bring interest to your space by decorating around it. A lot of these pieces I have also found at places like Goodwill & yard sales. Don't miss out on shopping at those places... you never know what you may find & the best part is... they are usually always sold at a price that is practically a steal.

I hope this brought a little inspo to your heart when it comes to decorating. This is a classic look that will bring joy to your home throughout all of the seasons. Happy decorating friend!


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Love the cabinet, and the crystal pieces are beautiful.


I absolutely love crystal pieces!!!! This is a beautiful way to display them and double as storage!! Brilliant ideas!!!


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