Adding Wall Cabinets to Your Small Cottage Living Room

Adding Wall Cabinets to Your Small Cottage Living Room

If you've been following my Instagram (krystlemarienickels) & my blog for a little while then you've heard me talk quite a bit about our smaller home. The inside space is slightly under 1,500 sq ft so, it's cute & humble but making extra space & decorating can be a bit of a challenge. Due to the size of most of our rooms, I have to be careful to make sure the rooms aren't decorated in a way that looks cluttery. We spend a lot of family time in the living room & we can always use extra storage space. I had this idea to get a few wall cabinet shelves from Overstock & place them all in a row to bring in another way to decorate, more storage & to create a cottage look without it being overpowering. 

  The cabinets added just the exact touch I was looking for & the best part... you can keep all of the doors closed to store extra décor pieces, book, pictures & more! It took this small space to a new level of cozy in a simple way. The wood brings in texture & color- which are two more ways to decorate your home without overpowering it. A little texture can go a long way- I made sure to decorate the couch using crochet pillows, linen pillows & a knitted throw. Adding rattan or wicker baskets is another way to bring in texture. Add a touch of color using faux & real plants. And of course, my favorite versatile décor piece- taper candle holders with drippy candles. You can find links to the cabinets & decorative touches (here).

As you can see brightening up this living room space makes it appear larger & more open & the cabinets add that extra touch without overpowering the space. Just a few little simple decorating tips to use when styling your small cottage living room. Happy decorating, friend!

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