5 Ways to Use Plants & Flowers in Your Home

5 Ways to Use Plants & Flowers in Your Home

Plants & flowers are an absolutely must-have in our home throughout each & every season. I love a good mix of faux & real plants/flowers. I've put together 3 different ways you can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your home this spring & summer. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (krystlemarienickels) to stay up to date on my latest DIYs & home décor tips. 

1. Buy yourself flowers & put them in a pretty vase. Use bright colors to bring an instant boost of spring & summer to your space. I love using them throughout our home- in the kitchen, in our bedroom, in bud vases for the bathroom... they look gorgeous everywhere.

2. Fill the inside of your clear vase. I like using whole lemons & limes but you could even slice them for a different look. Vases like these look beautiful in your outdoor dining/sitting area. If I'm decorating the inside of the vase using bright colors- I like to keep my flowers more neutral so it has a nice color flow. 

3. Use FloraFoam to create your own drop-in pot/urn fillers. This allows you to perfectly match your plants & flowers to your décor & seasons. Plus, it allows for an easy change when you're wanting something a little different. I use FloraFoam & then just push in the floral stems. Use wire cutters to cut the stems to the size you'd like. I love shopping the florals & greenery from Hobby Lobby when they are 50% off- they always have such a large selection that are great quality. 

4. Create your own live topiary. I used 3 small ivy plants, river pebbles, Spanish moss, a grapevine wreath & a pot- I found all of these items from Lowe's... except for the grapevine wreaths, I found those (here). As the ivy grows, slowly begin wrapping it around the grapevine wreath. Be sure to follow the watering & care instructions specific for your plants to keep your topiary live & healthy. 

5. Use moss to fill small pots. I love finding antique mini terracotta pots & then filling them with a little moss for a cozy décor addition. It's something simple that you can create in just minutes with very little supplies. I love using them as little accent pieces throughout our home. They look so cozy sitting on shelving too. Don't be afraid to stack your pots. You can also use the moss to decorate your potted plants- to cover up the soil. 


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