15 Minute Spring Wreath DIY

15 Minute Spring Wreath DIY

I'm always looking for easy ways to bring a little bit of new décor to our home for spring. I enjoy crafting- so I also like getting a little creative with my spring décor. I put together this spring wreath in 15 minutes- using NO hot glue! YAY! Total cost is: $18, if you purchase the floral stems while they are 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

All of the items I found at Hobby Lobby & be sure to be on the lookout for when their floral stems are 50% off- making this even more budget friendly. 

Supplies I used from Hobby Lobby:

  • 2x white floral stems (item # 1747633)
  • 2x purple floral stems (item # 936732)
  • 1x 18" grapevine wreath (item # 692152)
  • wire cutters

Simply use a pair of wire cutters & cut each individual floral stem off- push them into the grapevine wreath around until it is full. If you push them in far enough & tight enough... you don't even need to use hot glue. Of course, you can always use it if you'd like to secure it more.

Happy crafting friend!


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